What is not PR? What is PR today?

Pay Attention if the subject is PR

Design is our playground. While we create an awesome experience, we like having fun as because we love what we do.

It has become really fun since we are dealing with many different projects. It is fun after all the experience ..

Actually, PR is not an easy job at all. It is easy for us because we love our job and we have a long time experience.

Challenges, productions and implementation or publishing brought us today to be what we are.

We love to find solutions which will work out and finally put up a useful work.

Despite everything, there is an important issue that needs to be paid attention to:

PR and Advertisement are at risky waters. If you do not have the right supportive resources, it would be better not to swim in these waters at all. Otherwise, the effort required to compensate for damage to your boat needs more energy and resource than starting stage with the right partner only.

Just taking care of what you do is not enough. You also have to be careful what you are not doing.



Onur Erdal


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Note: If the subject is PR, you want to know how they see you, not how you see yourself.