Not just Social Media

Are You that? Pay attention


Your brand and you are not just only on social media. But what you are there is very important.

Convincing is the most difficult element in PR. We prefer not to promised and nobody should expect us to promise as well. But our ultimate dream is watching you rise and grow.

Social media is actually a lifesaver. However, you will not always carry it with you on the way you walk with pleasure. Think about it, while you’re shopping at the grocery store, a muscular, athletic man prevents you from handing money to the cashier. Because it is focused on losing money, that is, preventing anything from you from getting lost. whereas to disappear. It is a big problem for him to be out of place, stick around, stick to you. Because you are not just him. However, now you can be recognized with him. Attention!!



Onur Erdal


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Note: Social media are sometimes like a lifesaver. However, now you can be recognized with him. Be careful what you wish for.

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